Vehicle Transport Planning and CRM System

Revolutionising Vehicle Transport Planning Through AI and a Customised CRM

Initial Consultation and Discovery

Upon connecting with Ecomotive, a leading vehicle delivery company, we quickly sensed their ambition and the immense potential they harbored.

In our initial face-to-face digital transformation consultation, we delved into detailed discussions with the business leaders, unraveling the underlying pain points, inefficiencies, and the risks that were restraining them from achieving the growth they envisioned.

Their understanding of what we wanted to achieve impressed us.
Julian Evans
Director of Operations

Comprehensive Analysis

Understanding that Ecomotive’s aggressive growth plans for the next 2-3 years required a scalable, robust, and efficient solution, we performed an extensive analysis of their existing business processes.

We were determined to identify areas of duplication, inefficiencies, and bottlenecks that could become barriers as the company scales. Our goal was to create a seamless transition that would foster growth, fortify the existing profit margins, and align with the company’s strategic vision.

Unveiling the Path Forward

Our team presented the findings of our analysis, highlighting critical areas that needed attention. We proposed innovative solutions, not just to remedy any current issues but to set Ecomotive on a path to achieve the growth they had planned.

Our recommendations included the development of an AI-driven vehicle transport planning system and a fully customized CRM (customer relationship management system) to manage all aspects of client relationships and logistics.

Artificial Intelligence In Transport Planning

One of the cornerstones of our collaboration was the software development of an AI-based vehicle transport planning system.

This revolutionary system has reduced the planning time for a transport job from an average of 10 minutes to an astonishing 10 seconds. Capable of handling thousands of jobs per day, the scalable system has delivered every part of the efficiency promised, opening doors for Ecomotive to direct additional focus on other areas of their business.

Custom CRM Development

Ecomotive’s rapid growth demanded a more interconnected and streamlined approach. We now embark on the planning and development of a full custom CRM system, designed to manage all related client, delivery, and driver data.

This strategic initiative is focused on massively reducing administration time and ensuring that the business remains as connected and optimised as possible.

A Continuing Partnership

Our journey with Ecomotive is far from over.

As they continue to establish themselves as industry leaders, we remain committed to helping them leverage cutting-edge technology and customised solutions.

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