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Our websites are crafted, high-performance machines
with a touch of beauty.

We build the fastest websites on the internet

Our approach to creating websites is built around concepts we’ve taken from Formula One race team management.

We plan everything up front, down to the smallest detail.

Every part of the website design is prototyped so that it can be presented to the client and signed off at each stage.

Finally, during the build, we meticulously analyse and improve each part of the site. Over and over until it’s running at the fastest speed possible.

Why does website speed matter?

When it comes to website speed we are talking in seconds. Your website might load in 4 or 5 seconds already. What difference will it make if a web design agency can make your website load in under 1 second?

Pingdom tools, one of the internets most used website analysis tools, collected data provided from the huge number of sites using them to test visitor insights. What they found is that a websites speed directly affects bounce rate (the number of people who visit one page of your website and immediately leave).

bounce rate if your page load time is 7 seconds
bounce rate if your page load time is 5 seconds
bounce rate if your page load time is 3 seconds
bounce rate if your page load time is 1 second

A whole new market of potential customers

Reducing your bounce rate has a real impact. As a simple example, for a website that loads in 5 seconds, the average bounce rate is 38%. If the load time was improved to under 1 second, the average bounce rate would drop to 7%.

For a website with 10 thousand visitors per month, that means an extra 3’100 visitors who engage with your content instead of leaving when your site takes too long to load.

Google cares a lot
about page speed

As of July 2018, Google started to use mobile page speed as a ranking factor in its mobile search results.

This means an increase in page speed can have a big positive impact on your organic SEO. Also if you are paying for Google advertising, you could save money immediately on your marketing costs.

LR Coaching was ready to grow to the next level. The business wanted to work with more individuals across the world. The experience with JDD Agency from start to finish was first-rate. The whole look and feel, alongside the speed of the final website is brilliant!
Lewis Robinson
LR Coaching - Founder

User focused planning

You can have the fastest car in the world, let’s make sure it’s driving in the right direction.

We start every project by profiling the users that the site is being created for. Making sure they can get what they want from your site as easily as possible is essential to ensuring you achieve your business goals.

How many different types of user will there be? How does each user type typically interact with websites? What will they want to get from your site? What do you want them to do on the site? What are other businesses in your industry doing successfully that would work for you?

On-site SEO strategy

The way a website speaks to search engines will determine your online visibility and over time it will have a huge impact on the kind of customer you might be able to attract.

We leave nothing to chance, analysing your industries online trends, researching strategies used by your competitors and creating a plan that will put you in the strongest position to compete for high traffic keywords and unique search terms that might be being overlooked.

Creating a natural experience

Our user profiles and SEO strategy tell us what needs to be achieved, the next step is making this experience feel intuitive.

Delicately requesting the users’ attention in the correct places and making the elements used for browsing through the pages from a mixture of familiar techniques commonly used on their favourite sites and customised functionality specific to your brand.

When it's all said and done,
it's got to look great

Before we touch a line of code a complete prototype of your new website is created. These designs have links that allow you to travel through your website design on desktop and mobile format, giving the final sign off when you’re completely happy.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create extremely refined interface designs that make your brand shine.

Below are links to recently completed website projects so you can judge for yourself.

Happy clients

We always over-deliver.
This leaves a trail of happy customers we continue to work with.

The Garden Society

We worked with The Garden Society to take their brand to the next level. The goal was to give customers an online experience that could truly live up to the attention to detail given in-store. You can feel the brand from the moment you land on the site and your attention is fed with rich video content. The website style is refined and fonts are given permission to stand out in a way that compliments the content.

View website

Electrical Supermarket

Electrical Supermarket wanted to send waves through the online electrical product marketplace by bringing ultra-competitive pricing, direct from manufacturers to UK customers.

To deliver the ambitious project goals the website needed to make shopping the vast product range feel easy and give customers a smooth experience. The UX we created for the checkout is fast, the website is fast, and the result is that they started to gain organic traffic sales before the website was officially launched.

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Rolatube Technology

Rolatubes revolutionary extendable material has helped transform technologies in a range of industries. Working with clients in defence, emergency response & energy supply, the combination of low weight, packed volume and speed of deployment has enhanced companies capabilities,  and increased safety.

We worked with them to develop a completely new brand identity and web presence that showcased their company in a style that related to their customers industries. Along side this we created a distributor dashboard with access  to a searchable product catalogue containing assets only visible to their distribution partners. Along with a forum to use as a hub for product distribution communication.

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LR Coaching

Lewis Robinson has a thriving coaching business focused on a holistic approach to your wellbeing. Moving into 2020 he wanted to make his services available to more people. With a fully booked schedule, the only way to scale the business was through a digital platform.

We worked with him to create a completely new brand and an amazingly fast, great looking website that allows customers to book with him online. The new website measures an average mobile page speed of 93/100 on Google page speed insights. A very healthy result.

View website

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