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Analysing your existing processes

An important first step to the digital optimisation of your business is to have a clear picture of every existing system and manual process. Creating this map allows us to analyse and locate the greatest opportunities.

We create a roadmap from this analysis that shows you how you can modify or improve each process, as well as a strategy for doing this in the order that delivers maximised financial benefit to your business.

Return on investment

Once we have a clear picture of existing processes and a strategy for how we can optimise them, it’s now possible to accurately estimate the impact of new systems and the real financial benefits.

We create a report that shows the 100% return on investment period. We break down development stages to show which parts deliver back faster, creating a strategy that shows the logical development order that also maximises your return in the fastest time possible.

A key aspect of selecting JDD over the other development companies we spoke to was their ability to understand and contribute to the planning and conception stage of our development. We are able to set parameters and goals of what we wish to achieve and JDD will help provide a logical solution in our application.
Alex Eames
Helpbox UK - Operations Manager

Digital transformation is a science.
The core ingredients to a successful strategy are time, frequency, cost and scalability.

How much time are you spending on each process? As your company grows, the way you work and the complexity of the data you store also grows. This can eventually lead to tasks taking minutes or hours that could be done in seconds.
How many times does each person or department repeat the same tasks? This kind of repetition can amplify the effects of a time-consuming process, preventing time being spent on actions that could have a much higher value to your business. Automation can reduce repetitive processes and give this time back.
What is the real cost of a process to your business? Quantifying the net cost of a process means analysing all other parts of the business it can affect. Are high-value employees losing time to an inefficient process somewhere else in the business and missing opportunities to maximise profits? Are you using software that is slow, overpriced or doesn't do everything you need it to?
If your business doubled in size tomorrow, what would break? Growth can apply strain to processes that are inefficient. The result can be a bottleneck or complete breakdown in your core processes. Planning all digital solutions to scale to levels that can support your growth while staying efficient and protecting data integrity is a key foundation for any digital transformation strategy.

Agile development and complete clarity

We use agile development methods so we can rapidly build stable systems whilst reacting to your business needs as they change over time.

You have complete visibility of all development processes through our project management platform. At any time and on any device, you can view when work is due and tell us which tasks are a priority.

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