Finance Reporting System for Multi-Academy Trusts & Schools

Supporting An Existing SAAS Company With High Quality Development

A New Partnership

Our team recently embarked on an ambitious project to support the software development of a large and complex finance reporting system for a client in the education sector.

The system is primarily used by multi-academy trusts and schools, requiring robust, scalable, and user-friendly features to manage their intricate financial data.

Most impressive was the ability of the agency and developer assigned to our project to quickly understand our requirements, along with the ease with which relationships with our staff were formed.
Leyla Tovey
Managing Director

Technical Foundation

The project leveraged PHP development for the API backend and a Javascript frontend, both technologies that we have extensive experience working with which made us a great fit for the project.

Our initial actions were to go through a technical review of the software to highlight any areas where we could make improvements at the architectural level to help stabilise the resource-heavy processes and ensure the application can scale to handle spikes in usage.

Architectural Overhaul for Scalability

A major achievement of our team was the architectural overhaul of the system.

This enhancement significantly improved the scalability of container instances, leading to better stability and performance.

Load Testing Suite for Staging Environment

To ensure the system’s robustness, we integrated the K6 load testing suite to conduct testing in the staging environment.

This proactive approach allows us to identify and address potential performance issues before they affect the live system.

Impact and Future Directions

The enhancements we have implemented have had a substantial impact on the way our client manages financial reporting. The system is now more scalable, efficient, and user-friendly, directly contributing to better financial management for multi-academy trusts and schools.

Looking ahead, we are committed to maintaining and developing new features, continuously adapting the system to meet evolving needs. Our goal is to ensure that our client remains at the forefront of financial management efficiency in the education sector.

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