API Middleware System

Working with a leading global bank to connect 2 systems via an API middleware application

The Brief

We were approached with thorough plans that included creating a way for 2 systems to communicate with each other through a middleware application. Exactly what needed to happen was clear, our role was to propose and develop a solution that executed the plan.

The system was required to be extremely robust, with a client of this size there is no room for errors. Software scalability to any level was required, without failing. If any part of the software testing failed the project would be canceled.

A strict non-disclosure policy

We offer all clients the option of an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) which binds us to keep any specific information about the project details confidential. This project required a strict non-disclosure policy. This case study will be kept extremely top level in terms of detail for these reasons, only discussing technology used and giving a general view of what was delivered.

How we solved the problem

One of the restricting factors of the role of the middleware application was that one of the connecting services had known limits of requests that could be sent per minute.

To solve this problem we used a technique called “queueing”. The process involves taking any requests and putting them into a virtual “queue”, then having a separate process take these requests (or “jobs”) from the queue at set intervals. This allows complete control over how many requests are being processed and importantly allows an immediate response instead of making a system wait for the request to be processed.

We have been continually impressed by their ability to successfully deliver complex projects on time and on brief that meet the expected high standards of accuracy and scalability for clients in the global banking and investment sectors. They provided regular updates, communicated transparently and proved capable of providing a robust solution to any problem.
NDA Protected

How we built for scalability

As with most modern software development projects scalability was a key concern. Some of the most important considerations for this are made at the hosting architecture level.

To ensure that the application could be replicated over many load-balanced servers, all acting as one entity, we developed the solution within Docker containers. The containers were set up to integrate with AWS (Amazon Web Services) scalable hosting solution which allowed the application to be granted more resources as and when required.

Scalable and secure hosting with Amazon Web Services
Docker software containerisation for stable application instances

Continued support

The application is now in production and we support with all development updates.

Having a reliable technical partner allows stakeholders to have peace of mind that business critical updates can be made with no disruption to the software services.

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