Accounting ERP System

Working with an accounting services provider to streamline their business processes and prepare them for growth

The First Step

When we first spoke with HelpBox they had an existing system to manage their business data. The system was slow and over time it had started to become a restricting factor in growing the business so they decided to look for a software development agency to help.

We worked with HelpBox to document the structure of the system and develop an updated version, using a data structure that is scalable and PHP & Javascript technology that operates at a much faster speed.

The Digital Transformation Journey

After getting past the initial hurdle of the existing system redevelopment, the HelpBox team had plans to start transforming their business processes.

This started with a consultation where we analysed the existing processes and captured details from the team about the nuances of how they work.

Visual Job Workflow

Accounting services all have different processes and a client might need the attention of multiple employees during the lifecycle of an accounting period.
As this idea is at the core of the way the business must work we created a flexible workflow system allowing services to be created at will, with completely customised processes.

Employees can be assigned to a client and add comments, documents and tags as the task moves across the workflow.
A visual kanban board gives a complete view of clients on all services so the management team can easily see and filter the status of all clients within an accounting period.

A key aspect of selecting JDD was the ability to understand and contribute to the planning and conception stage of our development. We are able to set parameters and goals of what we wish to achieve and they will help provide a logical solution in our application.
Alex Eames
Operations Director


It’s great when you are kept in the loop, but it can take a lot of time to update clients and from a management perspective it can be nearly impossible to ensure it happens consistently.

We implemented notification functionality that sends automated messages to employees or clients at any step during the processing of a task. The option to send via email or text message means they can allow clients to be contacted through the channel of their choice.

The ability to send bulk SMS messages using the Twilio API
Bulk email functionality using the SendGrid API


Having an ever-evolving ERP system means generating a lot of data. This data can be extremely valuable so it’s important that teams can access it easily.

To facilitate this we’ve created a reporting area where reports can be created and filtered quickly, then exported to excel for further analysis outside of the system.

Management Information

The latest step in our journey with HelpBox is the creation of management information interfaces that visualise large amounts of business data in single interactive reports.

Using this visual aggregated reporting gives the management team a clear top-level picture of the current state of different parts of the business and allows them to drill down into areas of interest. This greatly increases the speed and accuracy at which top-level management decisions can be made.

Technical Partnership

We now have a continuous development flow and provide support to HelpBox on an ongoing basis.

Having a partner to rely on allows HelpBox to focus on growing their business and have peace of mind that the technical aspects are covered.

To date we have achieved a full restructuring of the way our business manages its clients and associates tasks creating huge efficiencies which previously didn’t exist. Our next phase of development hopes to provide a similar solution to customer service and our clients experience working with our business.
Alex Eames
Helpbox Accountancy

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