Digital Transformation

Working with MG Traffic to streamline processes and support their growth in test centre management

MG Traffic was experiencing extreme growth

Managing testing sites across the UK, MG Traffic had a strong network of operations underway and were looking for a technical partner to support rapid growth.

We worked with them to create a plan to evolve the infrastructure already in place. Optimising processes to allow them to comfortably scale in a secure way.

Managing thousands of email applications

One of the first challenges was the administration of application processing and storage of personal data. We started by migrating existing data from a legacy system to a new optimised application.

We created bespoke functionality that allowed multiple applicants to be managed in groups and massively reduced the time spent on the application process.

We developed a mobile-first application process that made providing the required information and documents easy and secure.

Mobile Screen
Mobile Screen
Mobile Screen

mass communication

One of the most common opportunities we find within large or growing businesses is the simplification of communication channels.

Communication with marshals on-site was moved into the new system and we integrated three key components, unlocking time spent previously managing the high-level of information being distributed.

The ability to send bulk SMS messages using the Twilio API
Bulk email functionality using the SendGrid API
A communication log to show a complete coms history

Streamlining payroll administration

When employing hundreds of contract workers, managing the hours worked, different rates of pay and the consolidation of this data is a time consuming administrative tasks.

We helped MG Traffic create an optimised process of timesheet records being processed into weekly BACS payments and a platform for all contractors to view a history of payment remittance documents.

A great technical partnership

We continue to work closely with the MG Traffic Management team, supporting their growth within multiple areas across the traffic management industry.

Their vision and commitment to using technology to push their business into the future makes them a great partner to work with. We’re excited to see where our journey with MG Traffic will take us.

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