Digital Product Development

Getting an existing project back on track and preparing to launch a one of a kind lottery platform

Our introduction

When we were first introduced to the project it had already begun development with another agency. Unfortunately, the agency had not delivered the project as required to launch and had stopped responding to communication from the customer.

This is not an uncommon situation as we’ve seen a lot of agencies say yes to projects and then scramble to work out how to deliver it. Even with years of experience writing basic code and creating websites, properly design scalable web applications is a completely different ball game.

The first problem I had to solve was finding a company who I felt I could trust. My next problems were finding a company who could take the project, understand what was happening with the code, fix it, help it evolve, understand my requirements, design and implement new functionality, user test it and continually maintain it. JDD ticked all of these boxes.
Matthew Fountain
Founder of One Pound Lotto

Getting things back on track

We analysed the structure of the application, from the data to the user interfaces, to highlight any parts of the application that do not fit the requirements to bring the project to completion.

Having a new plan in place has allowed the project to get back to a point where there is a clear delivery roadmap. The product is now live and being marketed.

Lottery API integration

In order to collect lottery results and purchase tickets, we’ve integrated with a third party system that delivers this functionality.

We’ve created models that translate the standard lottery purchasing system into the unique One Pound Lotto offering that makes fractions of any lottery ticket available to purchase for £1.

Being Responsible for the users

Within the gambling industry, there are certain requirements that must be put in place to make sure users are aware of there activity whilst enjoying the games.

The focus that One Pound Lotto have on customer well being was clear from the moment we started working on the project and we’ve helped them implement a fully compliant customer-focused user experience.

Ongoing support

We’ve continued to work with One Pound Lotto past the completion of the initial project and support the ongoing needs of the product.

Having our team available for development needs means the focus can be on marketing and growing the customer base.

Whether you are technically minded, or not (like me) JDD work with you at a level you understand. They are very personable, which is something that might be lost using a bigger company. If you want honesty and reliability coupled with great technical work then give them a call.
Matthew Fountain
Founder of One Pound Lotto

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