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Creating a modern software solution for the property risk management sector

Understanding Property Risk Assessment

Property risk management is an extremely complex industry. There are thousands of processes that should be followed depending on the issue with a property and how high the potential risk is. In order to ensure the proper checks have been made to align properties with safety regulations it can be a long process with varying levels of clarity for the different parties involved.

Our task with this project was simple, but not easy. Support our client with the assessment of the risk management process and the creation of a property risk management app. The app should be the most efficient solution for property management companies and risk assessment companies to manage property risk and have complete visibility in an easily accessible format.

The Existing Project

When we were first introduced to the project, the app was already at a first version. The project was not progressing as hoped for with the existing software development agency, so after an analysis of the code we put together a plan to bring the project back on track.

As part of the analysis we were also able to highlight key architectural changes that would reduce the cost of running the app and allow for the scalability needed to handle the projected number of users.

JDD Agency have a very robust system of project management and a very personable and effective approach to the development process. It is difficult to see where this may be improved.
Paul Marsh

Assessment Process Efficiency

The on-site assessment processes can be time-consuming, often lacking in clarity and efficiency. Our project aimed to streamline this, developing a digital version that made assessments faster, simpler, and transparent for all parties, while still strictly adhering to compliance regulations.

Alongside the client we thoroughly analysed the traditional process, creating a digital platform that not only replicates, but enhances the existing system, ensuring regulatory adherence, and revolutionising the assessment landscape.

To optimise the assessment process, we developed a Progressive Web App (PWA) that works seamlessly across iOS and Android. Utilising PWA technology, we dramatically reduced the development time compared to traditional mobile apps.

This approach empowers the client to swiftly implement updates and new features, giving them a distinct speed advantage over competitors using native iOS and Android technologies.

Mobile Screen
Mobile Screen
Mobile Screen

No Internet, No Problem

Our PWA development offers assessors the ability to capture and store images locally, synchronizing in real-time with the desktop app for instant administrator access.

Crucially, the app functions offline, ensuring uninterrupted workflow in areas with low or no internet signal, preserving the assessment process’s efficiency and continuity.

Risk Assessment Report

Working closely with the customer, we designed an auto-generated PDF assessment report, emphasizing an intuitive user experience focused on essential data and required actions. This fresh design aimed to set a new, modern industry standard, distinguishing it from existing formats and truly standing out in the marketplace.

Live Chat User Support

To provide users with timely assistance, we integrated a live chat system into our platform.

This feature ensures users receive immediate support when they need it most, enhancing their experience and further streamlining the assessment process.

Faster Handling of Issues

We instituted a logging system enabling us to view and roll back user sessions to troubleshoot any errors as if we were present during the incident.

This proactive approach also includes instant notifications of issues, allowing us to anticipate and resolve problems swiftly, ensuring optimal user experience.

Payment Processing

We facilitated the platform’s transition to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product by integrating standard payment processes.

This structure was specifically tailored to suit the risk assessment and management sector, with a commitment to aligning technology with industry-specific needs.

Continuous Development Support

We maintain a sustained development contract with our client, fostering collaboration for ongoing product improvement.

This enduring partnership aims to consistently enhance the user experience and deliver persistent value to the users of our digital platform.

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