Digital Product Development

Revolutionising magazine and leaflet
delivery management

Precise planning and measuring success

When we first started working with the founder of Round Control there was a clear vision. The goal was to create a market-leading product that would bring value to businesses operating in the magazine and leaflet delivery industry.

Each stage of the software development project was meticulously planned and executed. Now we’re 12.5 million deliveries later and achieving that goal.

The brief

Delivery companies need to be able to plan deliveries to many thousands of addresses and accurately track the delivery of their products.

The product should enable them to easily manage every stage of the supply chain, from inventory management to the final confirmation of delivery and payment of the distributors.

A new solution for property location mapping

A core requirement of the product functionality was the ability for a user to plan delivery routes by drawing an area on a map. The details of the properties within the drawn area needed to be automatically acquired and listed against the area.

There was only one API service available for translating a drawn map area into real property details, and it was very expensive. We combined data from multiple sources along with a custom algorithm to create a completely new way of getting the required information, at a rate 10 times lower than the original service cost.

In order to see exact details of the products being delivered door to door, we created a mobile app for IOS and Android.

Mobile Screen
Mobile Screen
Mobile Screen

Tracking deliveries
in real-time

The app allows distributors to select from their assigned deliveries and start, stop & pause tracking. Much like Strava or Runkeeper.

Users can choose to track and send the data live, using their mobile data plan or store the tracking data on the app and upload automatically when they next connect to WiFi.

Delivery companies can view product delivery in near real-time for all of their delivery routes and a record is kept after the event that can be accessed at any time.

Integrating with the
Open Banking API

We’ve really pushed the bounds of technology here to make sure that users of the Round Control product feel like they would be lost without it.

Users can connect their Round Control account to their business bank account and send payments to hundreds of distributors at once with a few easy steps.


Users can easily see every detail of their delivery business. Reports can be created and exported with instructions for the delivery driver to drop off products to the distributors. Reports with maps and complete details of each delivery route.

All of the data about deliveries can be searched and filtered, from delivery route creation to delivery payment management.

Ongoing maintenance and updates

As with most of our clients, we’ve become a technical partner of Round Control and support them as their business and software evolves.

Our service agreement with them means they can concentrate on growing the business with the assurance that we have all of their technical needs covered.

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