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Our experience as a Yii framework development company

We’ve worked with the Yii framework over the past decade in software development to create web applications that have delivered huge optimisations of our clients business processes.

The systems we’ve created using the Yii Framework are fully scalable, in some cases enterprise-level PHP applications. Below are a few case studies presenting software development projects where we’ve used Yii as the Framework:

Our use of the Yii Framework to migrate a legacy .net system to a new PHP CRM system and Task management system.
A case study showing our use of the Yii Framework for rapid development of an HR system used to manage recruitment and contracted staff at Covid testing sites around the UK.
A case study showing our use of the Yii Framework to develop a SAAS product that manages millions of product deliveries.

What is the Yii Framework?

The Yii Framework is a PHP application development framework. It uses MVC architecture that is commonly used among the other most popular PHP frameworks, including the Laravel framework and Phalcon framework that we also have experience with for PHP development. The Yii 2 framework code uses an object-oriented approach and is open source. The Yii Framework git project can be found here.

Case studies

Projects we've worked on
using Yii framework development

Helpbox Accountancy Services

Optimising internal processes through the creation of a workflow management system

Read the case study

MG Traffic Test Centre Management

The rapid development of a human resource management system to support company growth

Read the case study

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